Yesterday I woke up to the news of Update 1 for Revit 2014, alerted by a tweet from Steve Stafford. So if you didn’t hear  from all the sources out there already, you might want to go and check what’s fixed now.

Steve also mentioned, in a different message, an issue someone was having with a pipe fitting not behaving in a project. This was a question that came up in the AUGI forums.

I started to look into the pipe fitting in question, a Victaulic elbow that wouldn’t change angles. In my small test, using the family in Revit 2012 and 2013 wasn’t a problem. In Revit 2014 (both before and after the update), it would stay at 45 degrees and disconnect from pipe runs when used at any other angle. It seems that Revit 2014 doesn’t let you get away with as much as you could before when doing fittings. A good thing.

One other thing the update has corrected is an issue I was having with Parallels and 2014. Whenever I had Revit 2014 open and put the laptop to sleep, on waking it up again, Revit would throw errors about the views and generally crash. No more after the update. So if you use Parallels, go get it!