Building Revit® Content
The Right Way.

At Andekan, we pride ourselves
on creating only the highest-quality Revit families for our customers.

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What determines
high quality?

The answer lies in serving the needs of the architects, engineers and contractors who will use the content in their Reivt projects.

While it's easy to produce Revit families that look great in 3D renderings, and that has all the right parameter data, most content fails when it comes to facilitating the actual project needs of designers and builders. And when that happens, the architect or engineer will go looking for another family that can help them get the job done.

We create Revit content that architects and engineers love to use in their projects over and over again, because it helps them get the results they need - fast and precise layouts, beautiful and clean views, complete schedules and takeoffs, accurate calculations, and reliable project performance.

Some of the many factors that
into our approach.

Model Geometry

Only using native Revit geometry.
Not using any imported geometry from CAD, image files or other formats.

Levels of Detail

Using Revit's levels of details to provide the appropriate geometry for different view scales and orientations.

Including separate 2D geometry for display in plan views, sections and elevations.


Applying materials for high-quality visualization 3D, including renderings.


Properly configuring connectors for use in systems (electrical, plumbing, ventilation, etc.)


Organizing metadata into logical types to facilitate selection of product variations.


Using clearly labeled checkbox parameters for all product options.

Flexible Geometry

Building geometry that's easily modified to accommodate changes in product dimensions.

File Size

Minimizing file size, which helps open projects faster, making the experience for your customers better.

That's our definition of
Revit content done right.

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